Wednesday, February 04, 2009


art by AnimeChick4DDR

Why is it that people can be so ergh?!? As I've stated long ago in this blog, I am a born peacemaker. I constantly get in the middle of arguments or disagreements or confusions and try to sort things out. And inevitably I'm the one who pays for caring about the two parties - by making them both hate me. I've just again experienced this twice this week, and could possibly be spiraling down the dark path of depression again. I'm so upset that I should again be blamed for things not my fault. And then when I try to do the right thing I get shit on. I'm tired of it.

Depression is very real, and has always been a struggle for me to get through. I have my ups and downs, and can very quickly spiral out of control. And right now I'm touching the edge with my feet.

So if I go quiet for a while - you'll find me at the bottom...

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