Monday, February 02, 2009


I'm a huge fan of this show, but have seasons that I just never got into. Like last season - I didn't get it really and with all the stresses of life, I kinda just ignored it. Even the special movie they did in December went unwatched by me. But the new season is pretty good.
The funny thing now is that when I watch it, there is no running around the house and shouting of "24! 24!" anymore. When I lived at home, Mum and Dad were both obsessed. We would always watch it in seperate rooms, but I would run into Mum's room during the commercials to complain or rant about some plot line or another. It was a "bonding" experience I suppose. Well, Paul's ok with the show, but not a fan. And Jojo doesn't care. So it makes it... less fun.
Still - on of the best shows ever on telly... :)

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