Monday, February 09, 2009


Woke up this morning with the most dreaded thing in my life: a migraine. I have suffered from them since I graduated college. The first times they really got me was back in 2004 where I almost missed a full month of work because of them. But I struggled through.

My migraines are caused by two things: 1) a change in barometric pressure and 2) wine. Wine is easy to avoid, but barometric pressure changes with the weather and temperature. There is no place on Earth that I could live to relieve that! So with every front (high or low) that comes through Cincinnati, I get a lovely painful headache.

This morning, I tried to sleep it off after dosing up on Excedrin Migraine (works better than prescription drugs for me), but to no avail. The migraine remained. So I set it up so one of my work-at-home days for work was moved to today and I could avoid what little noise is in the office, as well as the evil florescent lights. I love that my job is that flexible.

Oh, and Happy 91st Birthday, Grandma MacKnight!

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