Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tales of a Puppy

Well, today has been interesting! Spent the morning with Paul, getting Jojo from the fluffy mess on the left, full of matted hair, to the sleek lighter model on the right. He was truly hard to groom, which is odd because the groomers always say he is the most well-behaved dog in the shop. Anyway, he's mostly finished, with a few cleanup points we'll get along the way. The wastebasket must have a pound of fur in it. Odd...

Also, spent 6 lovely hours on StickAM with Sair in England and Paul - we had some lovely Beatle-ish time and catchup. And I got some more RPing done as well.

My thoughts and prayers are with my sweetie Tanja tonight as she deals with the death of a loved one. *huggles*

Friday, January 30, 2009

Artistic Endeavors

A day off work and filled to the brim with fun! I spent the morning writing role-playing threads with my mates in Austrailia and England, then took a break upstairs after lunch to spend time with Paulie. I broke out the old-school PS2 and played Simpsons Road Rage - an old favourite. Soon I was tired of running over people and smashing up property and cars, and moved on to one I hadn't played yet, Lego Star Wars II: Episodes IV-VI. I have to say it was fantastic and I plan to head upstairs in a few moments to continue the action. I love the Lego video games they have out - from the PS2 to the Wii to DS. They are all brilliantly done. Jojo decided to join me in playing for a while, and then we had ravioli for dinner.

Upon heading back to my mates for some more writing, I found we had a new project. My friends and I are doing a collab writing project, tentatively titled: Macabre Circus. It will be wonderful and diverse, and intense for sure. I will link to it once it is complete! It's made me more inspired to go back to unfinished work of mine, including a great Pride & Prejedice fanfic I started but never got further then completing the first chapter.

Anyway, another day in the can, and another happy outcome. If only life were always this nice!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Life Dawns

Another day and it's been a doozy. I'm still stuck in the house - the tree over our driveway has bowed so much with the weight of the snow and ice that I can't get out without scratching up my car - see above. But the goodness is I could work from home. And that I found out that my cousin Chris and his new wife Sam are expecting a boy! My other cousin Andrew and his new wife Olivia just had a baby girl name Lydia Anne. It's baby season in my family - but I'm holding off for a while. My two cousins were pregnant so quickly after marriage that they didn't get a chance to enjoy their partners in marriage. I waited 12 years to get mine - I think I deserve at least a year or more of alone time with him.

Plus you can always count Jojo as our son! LOL!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new year, and new resolutions...

Right - so start anew and see how long I can do it! I've now challenged myself to write at least three times a week here, if not more often. It's one of my many new year's resolutions. Others include the normal "lose weight", "sort out money situations", and the more work driven, "give recognition for a job well done more often!"

Today just happens to be the second day of the great snow/ice storm of 2009. Above is just a pic of the iced/snowed woods behind our house. It is beautiful - but a menace to drive in. So I'm glad we are at Snow Emergency Level 3! Paul and I went to the grocery last night and that was a hassle on the roads.

I'm looking forward to a lot of things - mostly to April as it will be a one year anniversary for us, and to June when we might be able to take a vacation. But we will see. For now, our focus as a family is spending time together, staying warm, and continuing to search for a job for Paul. He thinks he has a lead, and I'm praying he gets it.

Anyway, I'm just taking a break from working at home - VPN is a wonderful invention. But I hate it at 7:30 AM on what should be a snow day!