Thursday, February 05, 2009

As Charlie Brown said it - "UGH!"

Today was a *ergh* day. I had lots of work to do at my job - but also had to do two other people's jobs at once. My reports got pushed back to complete other's reports, and at one point i was cursing the screen. My friend Tiffany saved me though, supplying Reese's Cups to the angry beast.

When I came home, Paul had made some lovely jacket potatoes. Or as we call them, baked potatoes. I love them so much the way he makes them...

Finally, after last night's drama-fest, things have settled. The only outstanding is someone who isn't talking to me, and who I upset unintentionally. If I've hurt her, I'm truly sorry. But I can't make things better when she doesn't talk.

About to drop off to sleep - better head off of here.

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Danica said...

Catching someone when they aren't at their computer or just about to go to bed, isn't considered not talking. Though I have to admit I was not in the best frame of mind when I read your conversation...I still find it a bit unsettling that you seem to think I have a 'way' of rushing into things. How did going to school hurt me? Any comment I ever made to you about it was in a moment of weakness and only expressing that at the time, I was wondering if it had been worth it. Because of the training not panning out...because of the decisions I made. I don't understand how that got taken to mean that I rushed into anything? Do you remember me telling you that I had tried to go to that school once and didn't have it work out? How is going to finish what I started, good or bad, rushing into it? How is planning on things for 2-3 months rushing? How is knowing at the time that was what I wanted to do with my life a mistake or rushing? How is any of what I walked away from school with bad? Responsibility, determination, knowing that I'm not worthless, finding out who I am, sticking to something for once in my life, how is any of that bad?
I am still confused. Hurting, but that part is not from you. I am not ready to talk about anything to anyone.