Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shop til you drop!!!

Whew! What a day!!!
Today Paul and I met up with my mum and grandmum after their Saturday errands (every Saturday, my mum runs her mum to the beauty salon to get her gorgeous white hair set, and then to the grocery store, and then to lunch). Since my grandmum is turning 91 on Monday, Paul and I treated her to her favourite restaurant - Skyline! She was delighted to spend time with us, and we joked around a lot. Then we followed her back home and watched her play with this crazy parrot thing my uncle bought for her. The thing has 45 actions and sounds, and you can pet it, train it, feed it - it even farts! It was totally weird, and Grandmum loves it.

We went to the Peppermint Pig next: a thrift shop that benefits a stray animals charity. There we found all sorts of bargains, including two technical manuals for internet programming for Paul. They retailed at $30-$35 dollars each - and he paid $1 for both! I got a few really nice pieces of clothing, and mum found a cute teapot that is shaped like a sofa chair with a cat sleeping on it. She was delighted.

From there we headed back to the house, where Mum gave me a beautiful light purple glass bowl for the center of my dining room table. It has a few scratches, but once I fill it, it won't matter.

Paul and I headed to Target finally: my favourite store!!! We had $30 in gift cards, and ended up getting dinner there (pizza and boneless chicken wings) as well as getting some things we needed - and some we didn't. I got a little webcam and have been addicted to it ever since!
It was a lovely, busy day - but one that both Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed!

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