Friday, February 06, 2009

Letting Loose

Some people read books, others play video games. Some take baths or get massages. To relax, I roleplay.
Roleplaying can mean a lot of things, but for me it means a forum where creative writers meet to create storylines together using certain rules and guidelines. I love this way of creating stories so much that I have been doing it for about 8 years. I used to do it via email on groups on Yahoo, the theme always Beatles related. I would get to play John or George or Paul or Ringo - or any of their girlfriends, and we would reply back and forth in usually a couple of lines at a time. It was rare we were online at once, so it took ages for things to progress. But it was fun. Then in 2005, I got interested in a site based on Pride & Prejudice. I joined: My first characters were brother and sister, Darian and Emmaline Barlow.

There I met a lovely girl named Elizabeth, and I eventually came over to a site she had started called Powder & Patch (after the Georgette Heyer book). The site was something new to me - I knew enough about Regency England to be able to play characters in it, but this site was set earlier - in Georgian England. All powdered wigs and corseted dresses and patches in the shapes of moons and stars. It was fascinating and soon I was hooked on the whole scene. Our first characters there together (between Elizabeth and I) will always be my favourite love story - Rene and Aphrodite. They were fire and ice, passion and hatred, ying and yang...

More on this subject in another post...

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