Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ready for some FOOTBALL?

It's Superbowl Sunday, the one day of the year millions of Americans drink and eat junk all in the name of the game. I'll be tuning in for the commercials of course, but enjoying the whole thing with Paulie for the first time in person (last year we watched it together across the ocean, but I fell asleep on the phone!!!). I'm more jazzed about getting Elizabeth's charcoal picture she wanted done completed, and working on that scarf for Serena. I might, if I have time, start writing my chapter for the collab.

This morning, Paul and I headed out for the shops - intending to hit Aldi and GFS only. But GFS wasn't open until noon, so it ended up being Walmart. I guess we didn't do that badly, and we have food for tonight. Also got some new filters for the Brita pitcher, and some liguid bandage for Jojo's cut from the scissors last night. It wasn't a bad cut, but he kept messing with it.

I'm worried about him, though I know that his behaviour right now is based on him being uncomfortable with the super short coat, and that he is also cold and anxious. I think as the week progresses he will calm down.

I'm off to go help Paul with our big supper: appetizers only! I think I might make brownies too... :P

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