Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Romantic candlelight dinner? Walk along the river? Picnic in the park?
If you were to ask Paul and I, nothing is more romantic then going to see penguins! On Saturday, we'll be heading to the Cincinnati Zoo for "Penguin Days". We both love the zoo and especially the tuxedoed fellas - so it'll be exciting!

Monday, February 09, 2009


Woke up this morning with the most dreaded thing in my life: a migraine. I have suffered from them since I graduated college. The first times they really got me was back in 2004 where I almost missed a full month of work because of them. But I struggled through.

My migraines are caused by two things: 1) a change in barometric pressure and 2) wine. Wine is easy to avoid, but barometric pressure changes with the weather and temperature. There is no place on Earth that I could live to relieve that! So with every front (high or low) that comes through Cincinnati, I get a lovely painful headache.

This morning, I tried to sleep it off after dosing up on Excedrin Migraine (works better than prescription drugs for me), but to no avail. The migraine remained. So I set it up so one of my work-at-home days for work was moved to today and I could avoid what little noise is in the office, as well as the evil florescent lights. I love that my job is that flexible.

Oh, and Happy 91st Birthday, Grandma MacKnight!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Green is the happiest color!

Paul got the best thing in the mail Saturday - his green card! He didn't have to interview at all! It was so great to finally get it after the paperwork and madness we had gone through.

That's all I have to post really... back tomorrow!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shop til you drop!!!

Whew! What a day!!!
Today Paul and I met up with my mum and grandmum after their Saturday errands (every Saturday, my mum runs her mum to the beauty salon to get her gorgeous white hair set, and then to the grocery store, and then to lunch). Since my grandmum is turning 91 on Monday, Paul and I treated her to her favourite restaurant - Skyline! She was delighted to spend time with us, and we joked around a lot. Then we followed her back home and watched her play with this crazy parrot thing my uncle bought for her. The thing has 45 actions and sounds, and you can pet it, train it, feed it - it even farts! It was totally weird, and Grandmum loves it.

We went to the Peppermint Pig next: a thrift shop that benefits a stray animals charity. There we found all sorts of bargains, including two technical manuals for internet programming for Paul. They retailed at $30-$35 dollars each - and he paid $1 for both! I got a few really nice pieces of clothing, and mum found a cute teapot that is shaped like a sofa chair with a cat sleeping on it. She was delighted.

From there we headed back to the house, where Mum gave me a beautiful light purple glass bowl for the center of my dining room table. It has a few scratches, but once I fill it, it won't matter.

Paul and I headed to Target finally: my favourite store!!! We had $30 in gift cards, and ended up getting dinner there (pizza and boneless chicken wings) as well as getting some things we needed - and some we didn't. I got a little webcam and have been addicted to it ever since!
It was a lovely, busy day - but one that both Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Letting Loose

Some people read books, others play video games. Some take baths or get massages. To relax, I roleplay.
Roleplaying can mean a lot of things, but for me it means a forum where creative writers meet to create storylines together using certain rules and guidelines. I love this way of creating stories so much that I have been doing it for about 8 years. I used to do it via email on groups on Yahoo, the theme always Beatles related. I would get to play John or George or Paul or Ringo - or any of their girlfriends, and we would reply back and forth in usually a couple of lines at a time. It was rare we were online at once, so it took ages for things to progress. But it was fun. Then in 2005, I got interested in a site based on Pride & Prejudice. I joined: My first characters were brother and sister, Darian and Emmaline Barlow.

There I met a lovely girl named Elizabeth, and I eventually came over to a site she had started called Powder & Patch (after the Georgette Heyer book). The site was something new to me - I knew enough about Regency England to be able to play characters in it, but this site was set earlier - in Georgian England. All powdered wigs and corseted dresses and patches in the shapes of moons and stars. It was fascinating and soon I was hooked on the whole scene. Our first characters there together (between Elizabeth and I) will always be my favourite love story - Rene and Aphrodite. They were fire and ice, passion and hatred, ying and yang...

More on this subject in another post...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

As Charlie Brown said it - "UGH!"

Today was a *ergh* day. I had lots of work to do at my job - but also had to do two other people's jobs at once. My reports got pushed back to complete other's reports, and at one point i was cursing the screen. My friend Tiffany saved me though, supplying Reese's Cups to the angry beast.

When I came home, Paul had made some lovely jacket potatoes. Or as we call them, baked potatoes. I love them so much the way he makes them...

Finally, after last night's drama-fest, things have settled. The only outstanding is someone who isn't talking to me, and who I upset unintentionally. If I've hurt her, I'm truly sorry. But I can't make things better when she doesn't talk.

About to drop off to sleep - better head off of here.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


art by AnimeChick4DDR

Why is it that people can be so ergh?!? As I've stated long ago in this blog, I am a born peacemaker. I constantly get in the middle of arguments or disagreements or confusions and try to sort things out. And inevitably I'm the one who pays for caring about the two parties - by making them both hate me. I've just again experienced this twice this week, and could possibly be spiraling down the dark path of depression again. I'm so upset that I should again be blamed for things not my fault. And then when I try to do the right thing I get shit on. I'm tired of it.

Depression is very real, and has always been a struggle for me to get through. I have my ups and downs, and can very quickly spiral out of control. And right now I'm touching the edge with my feet.

So if I go quiet for a while - you'll find me at the bottom...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"White Death"

Well, it took me 3 hours, but I made it home! Cincinnati was hit with a freak snow front that dumped 4-6 inches of snow on top of the 10 inches we had last week. I was stuck in traffic for three long hours for a normally 40 min. drive. And I had it easy!

Anyway, got home and the dog was still upset about haircut. Got him some Benadryl and really has been helping him - sleep as well as the itching from the hair growing in. He's still fussing with the small cut on his back foot, but I've been treating it over and over. Eventually it will heal.

I'm so tired from driving I can't wait for bed...

Monday, February 02, 2009


I'm a huge fan of this show, but have seasons that I just never got into. Like last season - I didn't get it really and with all the stresses of life, I kinda just ignored it. Even the special movie they did in December went unwatched by me. But the new season is pretty good.
The funny thing now is that when I watch it, there is no running around the house and shouting of "24! 24!" anymore. When I lived at home, Mum and Dad were both obsessed. We would always watch it in seperate rooms, but I would run into Mum's room during the commercials to complain or rant about some plot line or another. It was a "bonding" experience I suppose. Well, Paul's ok with the show, but not a fan. And Jojo doesn't care. So it makes it... less fun.
Still - on of the best shows ever on telly... :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ready for some FOOTBALL?

It's Superbowl Sunday, the one day of the year millions of Americans drink and eat junk all in the name of the game. I'll be tuning in for the commercials of course, but enjoying the whole thing with Paulie for the first time in person (last year we watched it together across the ocean, but I fell asleep on the phone!!!). I'm more jazzed about getting Elizabeth's charcoal picture she wanted done completed, and working on that scarf for Serena. I might, if I have time, start writing my chapter for the collab.

This morning, Paul and I headed out for the shops - intending to hit Aldi and GFS only. But GFS wasn't open until noon, so it ended up being Walmart. I guess we didn't do that badly, and we have food for tonight. Also got some new filters for the Brita pitcher, and some liguid bandage for Jojo's cut from the scissors last night. It wasn't a bad cut, but he kept messing with it.

I'm worried about him, though I know that his behaviour right now is based on him being uncomfortable with the super short coat, and that he is also cold and anxious. I think as the week progresses he will calm down.

I'm off to go help Paul with our big supper: appetizers only! I think I might make brownies too... :P