Thursday, July 22, 2004

Original Poetry: "A Poet's Goodbye"

pierce my heart, take wings and fly
love can stop my breath
like a stranger just passing by
familiar? there's nothing left

i thought i knew so much of you
i almost though you cared
enough to do the thing that few
can do, but you're just scared

i'll leave you now to live your life
to love and hurt as you will
twist and stab with that old dull knife
like a murderer who loves the kill

i gave you all i had to give
i even gave you more
and now you say in order to live
i must take flight and soar

i'll fly away on weathered wings
i'll crash and burn tonight
the salt in my wrists now only stings
leaving never felt so right

goodnight my sweet, i'll pray we meet
in a life where you can see
our hearts so close, intertwined beat after beat
but for now, i'm free

oh bloody sea
take hold of me

copyright Maple de Fische 2004

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