Monday, July 12, 2004

Hi, My Name Is Maple And I'm An Animation Addict

I know many of you probably believe it childish or juvenile. But to be completely honest, there is nothing that gets me through the week better than the promise of Sunday Night Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. (I know I'm need to email me.)

Adult Swim features brainless, mind-numbing fun! I get so excited at 10:50 pm on Sundays...The shows are truly amazing to me. Let's take an example and I will show you.

Now my friends know my favorite cartoon on AS is Aqua Teen Hunger Force (with SeaLab 2021 in close second), but I wanted to focus on a great episode of Home Movies. The premise of the show, for the non-savvy AS people, is three little kids (Brendan, Jason, and Melissa) are aspiring movie-makers. They typically make very bad films that usually are based off another Hollywood film. This week's episode featured their movie "Amy Lee", a rip-off of the indie-film favorite "Amelie". Throughout the episode, Brendan tries to improve other character's lives by helping them (as in boxing with his grandfather and eventually knocking him out) or reminding others of what's important (as he does in giving his soccer coach, McGirk, a kilt so he may relive his childhood as a champion Scottish high-stepping dancer). Although the show uses its premises to make great jokes and irony for the audience, the real humor is in the reality of the story.the reminder that our youth is short and we should enjoy it while we have it.

Or maybe it's just about some crazy kids who are really bad actors/movie-makers!

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