Saturday, July 10, 2004

Lady Lazarus Indeed

I have a great fascination with those sensitive souls like me... destined to write in verse of great pain and suffering. One of my favorite subjects is that of young Sylvia Plath. Surely you've all heard of this tragic figure. But it's the continuing mystery behind her paranoia and everyday deductions that fascinates me all the more.

Yes, I know many find Sylvia Plath depressing and dreary. I find her inspiring and familiar, for in her poems, I see some of myself. Many Plath fans dislike Ted Hughes for his part in Sylvia's eventual suicide, but I see him as a factor to her living as long as she did.

My recommendation? Read some of Sylvia's journals and you will begin to see what I mean. And for god's sake, add The Bell Jar, Ariel and Birthday Letters (Ted's poetry about Sylvia) to your book collection. You will never regret it.

Two Women Reading by Sylvia Plath

Self-Portrait by Sylvia Plath

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