Friday, July 09, 2004

My American Splendor

Another week rolls to a close and again I have nothing to show for it, minus a paycheck that will be gone soon and a collection of handmade cards for my sick colleague. I feel like a splintered chip of maple wood today... jagged and hurt....dangerous and dying. It's a tough thing to live in the office space world we all eventually populate. Florescent light bulb gods sap our very souls from us hour by grueling hour. Carpal tunnel creeps into our swollen wrists despite the precautions made by facilities. Mind-numbing banter softly meanders into our psyche, harassing our freedom of thought and will to survive.

Morbid, eh? It's how I feel sometimes... trapped in my half-a-cubicle... staring outside through tinted glass to the busy world going on around us.

Damn it, never should have decided to drink tonight...............

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