Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Life Dawns

Another day and it's been a doozy. I'm still stuck in the house - the tree over our driveway has bowed so much with the weight of the snow and ice that I can't get out without scratching up my car - see above. But the goodness is I could work from home. And that I found out that my cousin Chris and his new wife Sam are expecting a boy! My other cousin Andrew and his new wife Olivia just had a baby girl name Lydia Anne. It's baby season in my family - but I'm holding off for a while. My two cousins were pregnant so quickly after marriage that they didn't get a chance to enjoy their partners in marriage. I waited 12 years to get mine - I think I deserve at least a year or more of alone time with him.

Plus you can always count Jojo as our son! LOL!

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