Friday, January 30, 2009

Artistic Endeavors

A day off work and filled to the brim with fun! I spent the morning writing role-playing threads with my mates in Austrailia and England, then took a break upstairs after lunch to spend time with Paulie. I broke out the old-school PS2 and played Simpsons Road Rage - an old favourite. Soon I was tired of running over people and smashing up property and cars, and moved on to one I hadn't played yet, Lego Star Wars II: Episodes IV-VI. I have to say it was fantastic and I plan to head upstairs in a few moments to continue the action. I love the Lego video games they have out - from the PS2 to the Wii to DS. They are all brilliantly done. Jojo decided to join me in playing for a while, and then we had ravioli for dinner.

Upon heading back to my mates for some more writing, I found we had a new project. My friends and I are doing a collab writing project, tentatively titled: Macabre Circus. It will be wonderful and diverse, and intense for sure. I will link to it once it is complete! It's made me more inspired to go back to unfinished work of mine, including a great Pride & Prejedice fanfic I started but never got further then completing the first chapter.

Anyway, another day in the can, and another happy outcome. If only life were always this nice!

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