Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back in the saddle again...

Well, three years huh? I was never a good blogger, but that's bleedin' impressive. I wish I could be more like Sair - her blogs are always interesting, long and honest.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to be my failure self.

Let's see, updates:
1) Am married not nearly 4 months to my soul mate, Paul Wharton (who is sleeping upstairs)
2) Have an adorable dog (see side bar) named Jojo. He is the baby we have yet to have
3) Bought and moved into a landominium that we all three adore. It is close enough to my parents that I don't feel guilty, but far enough away that I don't see them all the time
4) Was promoted to Media Fulfillment Manager at work
5) Dad has had a knee and shoulder replaced, and is having another shoulder done in September
6) Mum had a bout with uterine cancer and had surgery to remove it
7) Paul's mum passed away last October

There it is - three years in the making.

As for today, sitting in the basement of my home because my laptop crashed last week and now we can't get the wireless working. So I've set up shop here. Actually it is really nice because I love the dark when on the computer. I have to wear glasses at work because I have a refractorary error in one eye that makes it hard for me to read the computer screen under the flourescent lights. At home - no lights equals happy girl!

I'm about to go off to reply to some role-playing threads (I'm an addict) and send a few early birthday cards to Alan in Liverpool... his birthday is Tuesday. I will try to write here regularly if I can. :)

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Sair said...

Good to see you posting. Thank you for the compliment. Looking forward to more blogging from you and your husband. :-D