Monday, January 03, 2005

Passionate One

Before you all shake your heads at me in disbelief that I already missed a day of post, know this:
1) I did say I would post at least twice a week - not once a day...
2) I nearly posted last night until I was attacked by an eville stomach ache that is still plaguing me.
3) What do you care anyhow??? :P

Anywho, nothing new to really update. The title of this post is perhaps a little abstract. I know I've written about my sun sign before in my posts, but I wanted to take the time to touch on a certain aspect of Scorpios: passion. Now before you run to the FCC to tell on me, hear me out, dude. Passion isn't always about white-hot sex. Passion can also be about life and everything in it. But the passion I speak of is the passion that exists when a Scorpio is emotionally affected by something. Ever known someone who had massive mood swings, but was extrememly focused and organized? Someone who could argue a point into the ground and then break into tears the moment they win the debate? Prolly a Scorp...

Point is: Emotionally, we Scorpios are screwed (at least the women and most of the men). We invest so much of our life energy in ensuring the "right" things happen in situations that when something doesn't (or even does), it breaks us down. So step lightly around those November babies you know when it comes to passion - they will out shine even the most determined Taurus.

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