Saturday, January 01, 2005

Candlebright in the Window

Well, another year gone... and I've decided it's high time I updated this journal. For those who read it (hi, you two!), don't freak - and don't expect much. But I thought I might as well be cliche and document my new year's resolutions for 2005.

  1. Lose weight. (This is a cop-out for most people - but as I am comfortable with how I am now, I would just like to lose it for the pride of it...)
  2. Update my journal at least twice a week. (We all know how that one's gonna go...)
  3. Be more aware of my tone before speaking. (A very recent development, complicated by excess emotional stress... )
  4. Save, save, save... and get out of debt as much as possible... (very important!)
  5. Grow a tougher skin at work. (Needed to sort out some current issues not to be mentioned.)

So there you have it - first entry of the new year. More interesting and lovely stuff to come. I'll have loads of great stories to tell, I'm sure. Have a happy 2005!


rysolag said...

try this, thanks:

Charlotte said...


This may give you some motivation:
Get that price up, up, up!!!!

I doubt mine will be updated much now that I'll be teaching... I did most of my blogging from work -- SHHH!!!!!