Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beauty of Peace

Quiet weekend. Paul and I went to our "nephew's" baseball game on Saturday morning. It was a muddy morning but Rollie"s team managed to win 6-5. We then headed over to Tiffany's house to check on her. Pat was there and Jojo had fun playing with Chyna and Tippy. We came home after grabbing lunch, and then spent a quiet night at home. I cleaned and reorganized our master bath.

On Sunday we slept in until about 10 am, then got up. While Paul was out, I cleaned out the sink, washed the pans, and then started to get a migraine. By the time Paul got back with Jojo, it was horrible. I went back to bed until 2 pm. When it was over, I cleaned the kitchen floor, counter, and cabinets. Paul helped me move the tupperware to a higher cabinet. Then I spent some time online. We got the papers and I clipped half the coupons. Now to beddy-bye.

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